Andreyev Acoustics Institute JSC

Andreyev Acoustics Institute is the leading research institute in the sphere of sound propagation in the ocean, analysis of the ocean noise of diverse origins.

The scientists of the Andreyev Acoustics Institute have developed the fundamental theory of sound propagation in the ocean and have made experimentally verified discoveries of very long-distance sound propagation in the deep sound channel, far-field regions of acoustic awareness and sound focusing. These discoveries made a revolution in the general physics understanding of the structure of the sound fields in the ocean and became fundamental for the development of hydroacoustic equipment. The advanced computer models of acoustic fields are manufactured in the institute. The methods and instruments for acoustic monitoring of water areas are developed to benefit diagnostics and monitoring of ecological state and forecasting of abnormal geophysical and geological phenomena.

In 90-ies, the researches of the sound emission and reception methods, adaptive method of acoustic signals processing, sound data processing by human and animals were continued. The researches of oscillation processes in complex mechanical structures, acoustical and hydrophysical phenomena, methods of noise and vibration suppression are conducted. Various technologies of ultrasound application are under developed.

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