DB Ametist

Design Bureau Ametist JSС

Design Bureau Ametist is a leading developer of artillery and fire control systems for shipborne and coastal artillery of the Navy.

So far, over a dozen of shipborne artillery and control systems for gun mounts of different calibers installed practically on all ships of the Russian Navy were developed, upgraded and put into service.

Besides radar fire-control systems, DB Anetist develops electro-optical systems to control and provide electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic ship equipment.

Over two and a half thousand systems have been produced; nearly 1500 of them have been exported to more than 20 countries.

In the beginning of 70-ies, DB Ametist developed the most commonly used system – the Osa-M antiaircraft missile system being currently in operational service.

Apart from weapons and defense equipment, DB Ametist along with leading medical centres in the Russian Federation develops medical equipment and performs clinical trials of medical equipment. The Magnetron magnetotherapy apparatus and Magister ophthalmological apparatus were developed in cooperation with the Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Intersectoral Research and Technology Complex.

Bank details

Taxpayer ID Number (INN): 7723691017 Tax registration reason code (KPP): 772301001 Bank: Joint-Stock Bank RosEvroBank JSC, Moscow Settl./acc.: 40702810500010040218 Corr./acc.: 30101810800000000777
Bank ID Code (BIK): 044585777 Russia National Nomenclature of Businesses and Organizations (OKPO): 07510454


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