Kometa JSC

Kometa JSC was established in 1993 after reorganization of the production association Kometa, which had been founded in 1960 for serial production and delivery of the digital computer complexes and electronic computer units for the ships of the Navy. From 1960 to 1993, the production association Kometa was developing four generations of electronic and computer technologies and became the leading enterprise of the shipbuilding sector in this field. Starting from 1968, all submarines and surface ships under construction were equipped with the Kometa products. Nowadays many ships fitted with military weaponry manufactured by Kometa factory are in service protecting Russian marine interests. In 1993, the production association Kometa was reorganized and became Kometa JSC. The state defense order started reducing in the same year. In this respect, Kometa JSC started production of non-military goods and rendering of non-military services:

  • fabrication of dental equipment (dental table Ramtas-Kometa and advanced dental technician workbench Ecobox);
  • manufacture of vent duct components;
  • laser cutting of metals and other materials;
  • powder painting of metal products;
  • heating of public and industrial sector of Zavolzhsky district in Ulyanovsk city.

At the same time, Kometa continues close cooperation with the Russian Navy providing repairs of onboard computer facilities. Moreover, Kometa JSC has a great resource potential, i.e.:

  • 150 thousand square meters of industrial and domestic premises, 650 units of manufacturing, control and measurement, and test equipment;
  • boiler house with power of 150 gigacalories per hour. The independent boiler-house supplies the plant with heat, hot water and steam all year round;
  • rail access;
  • experienced and highly qualified professionals, engineers and workers capable to perform tasks from metal working to instrument making.

Bank details

Taxpayer ID Number (INN): 7328020466 Tax registration reason code (KPP): 732801001 Settl./acc.: 40702810669170100967 Corr./acc.: 30101810000000000602 Bank ID Code (BIK): 047308602 Russia National Nomenclature of Businesses and Organizations (OKPO): 08620386 All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity (OKVED): 40.30.14


  • Street, bld: 78 Brestskaya St.
  • Index: 432010
  • City: Ulyanovsk
  • Country: Russia


  • Telephone: +7 (8422) 52-62-77
  • Fax: +7 (8422) 52-62-76
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.