RPA Mars

Federal Research-and-Production Center Research Production Association Mars JSС

A multi-industry research and development enterprise, which manufactures and supports automated systems, software and hardware.

The company’s specialists have developed 18 types pilot and production samples of products and automated systems. There was developed command subsystem of the Navy and the Ministry of Defence objects were equipped with the automated systems.

The enterprise has fully equipped systems and tool stands, providing readiness support and maintenance of its products at the Customer’s sites. The pilot samples of state-of-the-art products are designed and manufactured using the unique material and technical base, formed in the result of technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the enterprise.

Bank details

Taxpayer ID Number (INN): 7303026811 Tax registration reason code (KPP): 732801001 Bank: branch bank of Trust National Bank JSC, Ulyanovsk Settl./acc.: 40702810400030101369 Corr./acc.: 30101810700000000876 Bank ID Code (BIK): 047308876 Russia National Nomenclature of Businesses and Organizations (OKPO): 07538257 All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity (OKVED): 73,10


  • Street, bld: 20 Solnechnaya St.
  • Index: 432022
  • City: Ulyanovsk
  • Country: Russia


  • Telephone: +7 (8422) 52-03-03
  • Fax: +7 (8422) 55-30-23
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vladimir Maklaev

Vladimir Maklaev

General Director