Research and Production Enterprise Kaluga Instrument-Making Plant Typhoon JSC

The Research and Production Enterprise Kaluga Instrument-Making Plant Typhoon JSC has a more than 35-year history. The main production activity of the enterprise was directed to manufacture of radars for surface ships with different displacement and of coastal missile systems.

In the 80-s, the Typhoon plant became one of the first enterprises which managed to launch serial production of radiotechnical systems and facilities of different types that provided, in automated mode, the surveillance of surface and air situation, the tracking of air and surface targets, the target assignment and target designation data output to the fire control systems of missile, anti-aircraft and artillery armament. Missile cruisers, aircraft carrying ships, small and large anti-submarine ships, missile boats and coastal missile systems (including these of the foreign states) are equipped with the plant's production.

In 1994, Typhoon Instrument-Making Plant was reformed into joint-stock company and started the complete upgrading of products and realization of strategic projects on development of new generation radar systems. Due to the practical support of the leading research institutes – developers of radioelectronic facilities, ship designers and ship builders, the enterprise develops and upgrades its scientific and production base. These works have resulted in the following products:

  • Pozitiv-ME1 shipborne radar, which has proved its high technical and operational characteristics after overall test and operation in the ships of different types;
  • Bal-E coastal missile system, designed for control of strait zones and territorial waters, protection of naval bases, other coastal objects and coastal infrastructure, protection of landing-attractive areas.

In 2002, after Typhoon JSC became research and production enterprise, it upgraded the products Pozitiv-ME1, Pozitiv-ME1.2 and Mineral-ME. The shipborne radar system Mineral-ME comprises the functions of three hardware components: active radar channel, passive radar channel, and mutual communication and orientation channel. Its technical specifications allow organizing the efficient combat performance of guided missile weapon both of a single ship and of a ship squadron.

Concerning coastal defense, the enterprise has developed the Monolit-B coastal system for air and surface targets detection, for target designation data output to the missile weapon control systems of different coastal facilities.

Nowadays, the works are carried out on the development of multifunctional radioelectronic systems and new generation systems for accomplishing battle missions both of single ships and ships within a tactical team, as well as of the coastal systems in the same tactical and data field. At the same time, the enterprise provides support of its products on every stage of their life cycles.

Bank details

Taxpayer ID Number (INN): 4026005699 Tax registration reason code (KPP): 402901001 Bank: Nomos-Bank JSC, Moscow Settl./acc.: 40702810500000284001 Corr./acc.: 30101810300000000985
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Andrei Petrakov

Andrei Petrakov

General Director