LIMA-2013 International Exhibition

LIMA is one of the largest combat equipment exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region that has been held since 1991 every two years in the Island of Langkawi under the aegis of Malaysia Ministry of Defence.

In 2009 organizers changed the tradition of the previous years when the exhibition was held at the two different sites (the airspace exhibition – at the international exhibition centre near Langkawi airport, the maritime exhibition – at the exhibition square, in the port and water area). The pavilion area of 21321 m2 and open areas of 49400 m2 in Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre are quite enough to hold all participants. After LIMA’11, the most successful International Maritime and Airspace Exhibition in Langkawi, the organizers announced a new season of LIMA event – March instead of December. Akhmed Dzukhri, Managing Director of HW Exhibitions, noted that new dates were determined after several years of discussions and negotiations with key industry leaders. This strategic solution is based on a market demand that is why it may be very positive for industry.