5P-10-03E Radar Control System

5P-10-03E General-Purpose Small-Sized Radar Control System is designated for optimal fire control of 30-100-mm naval artillery gun and 120-300-mm MLRS within the surface ship's area of operation to ensure air and missile defence mission execution, warfare against small enemy surface ships, coastal target engagement, surface and air surveillance.

The system also performs the following tasks:

  • „delivery of data on current positions and required movement parameters of tracked targets to CICS in order to utilize other types of shipborne weapon;
  • autonomous detection of radar targets in 360° surveillance and sector scanning modes;
  • assessment of target threat level and fire control of one or two naval guns engaging one or two tracked targets;
  • „intercept of a missile taking off from the tracked target with shift of fire to the missile.

Main specifications

Operation range by distance (depending on the selected range scale)

14/21/30 km

Response time during operation according to target designation data:

in monopulse tracking mode

not more than 3 sec

during autonomous detection and tracking:

in sector-scanning mode against one target

not more than 6 s

in all-round surveillance mode against up to four targets

from 10 to 45

during shift of fire to the next target

not more than 3 sec

Power consumption from ship mains

not more than 16 kW

Combat crew

1 person


without SPTA, mounting kit and supply units

not more than 1500 kg

including antenna post

not more than 700 kg

Special features

  • Automated simultaneous fire control of several naval artillery guns engaging one or two air, sea or coastal targets.
  • The system is installed on small and medium displacement surface ships (not more than 150 tons).
  • When engaging targets providing for 0,1 m² radar crosssection and 700 m/s speed in the autonomous mode, the balanced anti-aircraft warfare is provided by the effective engagement range of 30-100 mm antiaircraft naval artillery guns.