5P-10E Radar Control System

5P-10E General-Purpose Radar Control System (5P-10E RCS) is designated for optimal fire control of 25–305-mm naval artillery systems. The radar control system can perform the following tasks:

  • „automatic reception of target designation data from shipborne means, acquisition and tracking of up to 4 targets;
  • automatic missed firing measurement and firing correction, also using antenna post electronic and optical means;
  • аutomated RCS efficiency control with faults indication and generation of recommendations on fault repair;
  • naval artillery system combat crew training using simulated targets under simulated interference conditions with a possibility to engage targets with practice missiles;
  • аutonomous air, sea and coastal target detection (in standby mode) in 360° surveillance and sector scanning modes;
  • intercept of the missile taking off from the tracked target.

Main specifications

Tracking mode operation range:

by distance

up to 60 km

by elevation

up to 85 deg.

by azimuth

±200 degrees

360° surveillance mode operation range:

by distance

not less than 30 km

by elevation

up to 35 deg.

by azimuth

360 deg.

Response time:

from the beginning of automatic tracking till fire readiness

not more than 3 s

when transferring fire to a 6°x3° sector

not more than 1 s

Combat crew

2 persons



not more than 3700 kg

including antenna post

not more than 2100 kg

Special features

  • Optimal solution for all types of artillery fire control systems modernization and cutting edge equipping of all classes of ships under construction.
  • Simultaneous gunfire control of several naval guns against one or two air, sea or coastal targets in automated mode.
  • Automatic adaptation to interference protection and high-noise immunity.