A-192-5P-10E Artillery System

A-192-5P-10E Naval General-Purpose Lightweight Artillery System (A-192-5P-10E AS) is designated for large and medium displacement ships for the purpose of self-defence against air attack as well as sea and coastal target engagement.

А-192-5P-10E in basic configuration includes:

  • „130 mm A-192E gun mount with Automated Firing System (AFS) supplied from the magazine;
  • 5P-10E radar control system;
  • artillery ammunition, 130 mm calibre.

in extended configuration:

  • „small caliber anti-aircraft naval artillery gun and unguided rocket launcher with the corresponding ammunition;
  • „optical-electronic sighting systems.

Main specifications

Area of engagement (basic configuration):

against surface (coastal) target

up to 23 km

against air target

up to 18 km

Gun mount ammunition

22 cartridges

Rate of fire

up to 30 shots/min

Number of shots fired in a burst mode

up to 45 shots*

Types of shells:

high-explosive fragmentation shell with shockwave

anti-aircraft shell with proximity fuse or mechanical fuse

practice shell

Radar control system coverage

up to 60 km

Response time:  

against air target

≤5 s

against surface (coastal target)

10–15 s

in flow

≤1 s

Mains power consumption three-phase, 380 V, 50 Hz

up to 150 kW

Combat crew

2 persons

Special features

  • Improved combat efficiency, combat-readiness and continuous firing at targets, capabilities of engagement in warfare with a group of attacking antiship missiles.
  • Sustained quality, high survivability, reliability, flexible operation in combat and everyday applications.
  • Reduced weight and dimension parameters of equipment and hardware ensuring installation of naval artillery system on small-displacement ships.

*Quantity of combat-ready ammunition is determined by storage capacity of the magazine