BAGIRA MR-123-02/3 Multipurpose Naval Artillery Fire Control System

МR-123-02/3 Control System is designated for 30/57/76/100 mm naval anti-aircraft artillery gun and 122/140 mm unguided rocket weapon fire control for air, sea and coastal target engagement.

        <p>The primary tactical purpose of МR-123-02/3 system is to provide ship self-defence against air attacks, including low-altitude anti-ship missiles.</p>
        <p>The system controlling artillery naval guns and unguided rocket launchers serves for:</p>
        <ul class="check">
            <li>engagement of surface ships;</li>
            <li>engagement of enemy artillery and mortar batteries, military forces and firing systems;</li>
            <li>engagement of hidden from the ship targets.</li> 

The systems performs the following tasks:

            <li>acquisition of targeting data received from shipborne detection radars as well as data collecting and processing systems;</li>
            <li>autonomous detection and tracking of targets in all-round surveillance and sector-scanning modes;</li>
            <li>evaluation of target danger level and output of targeting data on the four most dangerous targets, acquisition and tracking of two targets providing for generation of ballistic data for guidance of naval artillery systems;</li>
            <li>automated simulaneous fire control of several naval guns of two different calibres engaging one or two air, sea and coastal targets;</li>
            <li>automated tracking of targets is implemented by virtue of X-band radar antenna and electro-optical sighting devices via day, night and infrared optical channels;</li>
            <li>off-the-target data measurement and corrections; </li>
            <li>meteorological and ballistic preparation; </li>
            <li>active and passive jamming protection; </li>
            <li>visual display of surface and underwater situation as well as current data on multi-functional indicator screens;</li>
            <li>software-based simulator is intended for technical control of system parameters as well as crew training.</li>

Main specifications

Operating range of CS:


from radar

45 km

from EORU

25 km

Root-mean-square error of automatic tracking:


for radar by azimuth and elevation

0.5 angular mil

for radar surveillance range

5 m

for EORU by azimuth and elevation

0.1 angular mil

for EORU surveillance range

3 m

Number of antennas


Operation frequency of radar fire control system


Duration of radar antenna circular rotation

4 s

All-round surveillance mode

360 deg.

Sector-scanning mode

60 deg.

Continuous operation time

8 h

Mean time to failure

350 h

Power consumption

18 kW
Ambient temperature:

on-deck devices

conning room devices

–40 ÷ +50 °C

–10 ÷ +50 °C

Relative humidity

up to 98% at 35 °С

Service life

Mean time to repair 15 000 h





Radar, EORU

2400 kg



1600 kg



1200 kg


The system was tested together with the following artillery systems:
АК-725. 57 mm universal naval twin artillery gun. Automated artillery system of the second postwar generation.
АК-100. 100 mm naval single-barrel artillery gun. This type of naval guns were mounted on patrol ships constructed under Projects 1135 and 1154, large anti-submarine ships constructed under Project 1155 as well as on Admiral Ushakov nuclear-powered cruiser.
АК-176. Universal naval artillery gun of Russian Navy. This type of naval guns are mounted on small missile ships constructed under Projects 1234 and 1239, missile cruisers constructed under Project 1241 and patrol crafts constructed under Project 10410.
АК-230. 30 mm automated naval twin artillery gun. AK-230 naval guns were mounted on some cruisers constructed under Project 68 bis, Defence Industry Project 57A, Project 1159T and motor crafts constructed under Projects 205, 205M, 205P, 206, 206ER, etc.
АК-630М. 30 mm six-barrel naval artillery gun. This naval gun is designed for ship self-defence and used for engagement of air targets at slant range of up to 4000 m and light-weight enemy facilities at a distance of 5000 m.
АК-726. 76.2 mm naval twin artillery gun.
А-190. 100 mm universal naval artillery gun.
НРО-МС. 122 and 140 mm launching systems (unguided missile weapon).