MR-184/MR-184E Shipborne Radar Control System

MR-184/MR-184E Shipborne Radar Control System (MR-184/MR-184E RCS) is designed for 130-mm naval artillery guns (AK-130) fire control against surface, coastal and air targets when the enemy is using active and passive interference, anti-radar self-homing missiles.

The system also performs the following tasks:

  • „target designation data reception, target lock-on, transfer to target tracking and current coordinates positioning for sea, coastal and air targets, calculation of full homing angles of naval guns and fuse range setting;
  • ballistic and meteorological fire preparations;
  • „intercept and tracking of the missile launched from the tracked plane or ship missile-carrier;
  • „naval artillery system crew training using simulated targets with a possibility to engage the targets with practice shells.

MR-184/MR-184E RCS includes:„

  • dual-band target tracking radar;
  • „moving target indication and anti-jam equipment;
  • „control devices;
  • „built-in video and optical device.

Main specifications

Most effective air target engagement range

from 12 km

Response time from the beginning of target tracking till firing:

against air target

7 s

against coastal and surface targets

15 s

Radio-frequency beam sweep range:  

in cooperation with radar detection equipment

0–75 km

in autonomous mode

0–35/15–50/40–75 km

Antenna post homing range:  

by azimuth

0–360 deg.

by elevation

2 ÷ +75 deg.


8.5 t

Special feature

  • High rate of fire.