SP-521 Electro Optical Control System

SP-521 Electro Optical Control System (SP-521 EOCS) is designed for autonomous fire control of 30–76 mm naval artillery guns and UMW launchers of Navy against observed and suddenly appeared air, sea and coastal targets.

The system also performs the following tasks:

  • „target acquisition and semi-automatic (automatic) 3-axis tracking of the detected air target using laser rangefinder radar;
  • target homing data generation and simultaneous fire control of up to three naval guns (of two different calibres);
  • automated system performance control and fault detection up to a line replaceble unit.

SP-521 EOCS includes the following electro-optical channels:

  • „visual optical (day or night) based on electro-optical transducer;
  • laser rangefinder radar;
  • video channel (day and night) for data recording.

Main specifications

Deck post (DP) homing range:

by azimuth

±170 deg.

by elevation

–25 ÷ +85 deg.

DP maximum homing speed:

by azimuth

60 deg./s

by elevation

30 deg./s

Visual channel field of view:


wide, 2x zoom

30 deg.

narrow, 8x zoom

7.5 deg.

Detection and tracking range (if meteorological range of visibility is 20 km):

fighter-type air targets

not less than 10 km

sea and coastal targets

not less than 15 km

Response time from target detection till firing

1–5 s

Combat crew

1 person



deck post

855 kg

550 kg

Special features

  • Fire control application in naval artillery systems for radar system redundancy.
  • Reception of target designation data from the ship target detection and target assignment equipment with target after search by an operator using optical sight.