Anti-Vandal Meter Cabinet

Outdoor Anti-Vandal Meter Cabinet is designed to meter electric power consumption in single- and three-phase circuits. Cabinet is mounted on power line poles and building walls.

Anti-vandal meter cabinet includes:

1 – panel board with slot hole perforation and inserted special movable nuts;
2 – internal sealable panels;
3 – switching cut-out device with an adjustable screw handle;
4 – electric power meter (type is customized);
5 – two glands for power cable inlet and outlet;
6 – drawback lock with three keys of enhanced security;
7 – additional sealable panels which make it impossible to touch conductive parts and change switching circuits without authorization.

The cabinet also includes fixtures to install an additional padlock.

The cabinet can be delivered with a specially designed bracket to mount the meter cabinet on a power line pole.

Main specifications

Supply mains voltage

220–380 V

Protection level

IP 44

Electric shock protection class


Grounding system


Number of meter units


Overall dimensions (without mounts)

700×356×207 mm


10 kg

Special features

  • Natural ventilation due to the board structure prevents condensate formation and overheating in summertime.
  • General-purpose panel board allows mounting of different types of electric power meters, switching units, DIN rails to enable installation of other devices.
  • Optimal solution for economical service life (three-layered protective coating of the meter cabinet provides the best anti-corrosion protection).