Data Collection and Transfer Device (DCTD) of IZUMRUD AIMSCAEP

Data collection and transfer device (DCTD) is designed for operation as a part of Izumrud AIMSCAEP in mains with nominal voltage of 230 V, 50 (60) Hz and is installed at transformer substation. Collection of power consumption data is performed from specialized electricity meters (SEOS-1Sh-M, SETS-11-TM) via power line within one transformer substation.

DCTD includes:„

  • DCD (data collection device) (А3);
  • „Siemens TC35i Terminal GSM-modem (А6);
  • „NoName AC-220-N-12-1000 power supply (А5);
  • „four-pole circuit breaker (А4);
  • Antey 905 mini-super antenna (А2), connected to GSM-modem mounted outside the cabinet unlike other device components.

DCD functions if at least one of the phases is charged with electricity which can be identified by constant glowing of the corresponding LED indicator light.

GSM-modem is powered by one of the phases which can be identified by intermittent blinking of the green LED indicator light on GSM-modem (if blinking periods are longer then device is outside the cellular network area).

DCD collects power consumption data from electricity meters of the power line and stores these data in non-volatile memory. Data collection time and other parameters are specified by the DCD program or by the operator during establishing connection to the device.

PC and specialized software are required for changing program settings, accessing DCD database for further processing. PC can be directly connected to the DCD via either COM port or cellular network and GSM modem, connected to the COM port.

While operating DCD generates data request signal to the electric meters and data receive signal from electric meters which can be identified by blinking of the corresponding LED indicator lights. DCD requests data from each phase in succession, which can be identified by glowing of one of the corresponding LED indicator lights.

DCD should be secured vertically using 4 available fastening hinges and the cabinet should be grounded via PE1 grounding bolt.

Main specifications

Number of monitored meters

up to 1000

Number of records in DCTD for each electricity meter (date, kW/h, etc)


Type of monitored mains

three-phase four-wire

Nominal voltage

3×230/400 V

Voltage operating range from 90 to 110% of nominal value

from 207 to 253 V

Consumption current

not more than 0.07 A

Nominal frequency

50 (60) Hz

Operating frequency range

47–63 Hz

Mean time between failures

not less than 60 000 h

Operating temperature:


–20 ÷ +55 °С

other units

–40 ÷ +55 °С


not more than 25 kg

Warranty storage life from the manufacture date

12 months

Warranty service life from the commissioning or sale date

36 months

Relative humidity

protection from corrosive gases and vapour is required for humidity of up to 95%

Power cosumption

not more than 15 VA