DUM-R Salinometer

DUM-R Salinometer is designed for continuous proportional conversion of water and water solutions salinity values (conventional designation: NaCl) into standard output signals.

Scope of application – systems for automated monitoring of parameters of surface ship and submarine propulsion systems.

Salinometer configuration includes primary and intermediate salinity converters interconnected by communication cable with length of up to 100 meters.

Main specifications

Salinity measurement range and maximum permissible intrinsic fiducial error:

0,1–2, 0,1–4 mg/l


0,1–10, 0,1–20 mg/l


0,1–40, 0,5–100, 0,5–400 mg/l


Delivered according to defined measurement ranges with unified overall mounting dimensions


0,5–400 mg/l

Intermediate salinity converter is performed in a unified design.

Measured environment parameters:


2–100 °C


0–10 МPа

Output signals:

direct current

4–20 mА

direct current voltage

0–5 or 0–10 V

digital signals

via RS-485 interface

relay output

potential-free contact

Ambient temperature

5–60 °С

Relative humidity

up to 100%


0,08–0,4 МPa

Power supply

DC 18.4–32.4 V

AC 220 V 50, 400 Hz

Special features

  • Salinometer has embedded automatic recorder of measured parameters and emergency conditions.
  • Storage capacity ensures retention of data collected during five-year period of recording every 20 minutes.
  • DUM-R Salinometers are replacement solutions for SPI-series salinometers.