IZUMRUD Automated Information-Measuring System for Commercial Accounting of Electric Power

Izumrud Automated Information-Measuring System for Commercial Accounting of Electric Power (Izumrud AIMSCAEP) is designed for collection of energy consumption data from the monitored facilities and transmission to the central control room. Moreover, installation of general-purpose electricity meters may reveal energy thefts. Izumrud AIMSCAEP and DCTD (data collection and transfer device) software ensures multiple functions that provide diversified analysis of system data and operation (register phase losses and recoveries, peaks and drops of power consumption of specified objects for defined time periods, etc.).

Standard Izumrud AIMSCAEP configuration includes:

        <ul class="check">
            <li>electricity meter with embedded power line modem;</li>
            <li>data collection and transfer device (DCTD); </li>
          <li>PC with installed SW.</li></ul>

The critical specifications for equipment configuration are:

  • distance between operator and monitored facilities (also requires either modem and telephone line or GSM-modem and cellular network);
  • number of monitored facilities (if there are more than 1000 electricity meters additional DCTD is required);
  • type of electric mains connected to the monitored facility (one-phase or three-phase electricity meter);
  • maximum power consumption of the monitored facility (electricity meters with maximum current of 65 A, 100 A of direct connection and 6 A of transformer connection can be used);
  • additional control over power consumption is required (to compare the common electricity meter readings with the sum of readings from separate electricity meters);
  • length of data transmission electric mains, as well as noise level and loading of electric mains (installation of additional electricity meters as radio repeaters on the signal route is available);
  • customer’s requirements, which are taken into account during system modernization and improvement.

Three-phase meters with additional functions can also be integrated into the system: measurement of voltage in electric mains, active power, consumed by the user, accounting of power consumption on each phase and reactive energy.

Data collection in various modes:

  • on operator’s request (DCTD can read data from a group of meters for required number of times or constantly monitor changes in readings of one or several randomly selected meters with possibility to store data at the operator’s PC in manual operation mode);
  • according to a previously designed program (DCTD can automatically read a day or month data and then store the data in non-volatile memory of the device).

Storage capacity allows storing data for two months and then the data is automatically deleted.

Only current readings are stored in the non-volatile memory of the device. Also each electricity meter in the system has user number (defined by the operator) and user data (address, name, etc.).

The software ensures data processing and analysis, namely:

  • summing of power consumption data read from a group of meters and comparison of these data to the data from common electricity meter which monitors all subscribers of the specified group. Within one transformer substation there can be created several common groups with a common electricity meter for each group and one primary electricity meter installed in transformer substation to read total power consumption data;
  • comparison of user power consumption values for different time periods;
  • detection of zero power consumption users, users with abnormally high or low consumption, scheduling, etc.

Password secured access to the data and system adjustment are available only for PC with specialized SW.

Special features

  • Optimal cost, easy to install.
  • AIMSCAEP has hierarchical structure, therefore data exchange is performed only on request from the upper level (between the electricity meter and DCTD – on request from DCTD, between PC and DCTD – on request from PC).