Radiation-Resistant Pressure Converters and Alarms

PDA-RS, PDI-RS, PDD-RS radiation-resistant pressure converters are designed to measure absolute, excessive and differential pressure of the monitored environments with generation of output signals corresponding to the pressure being measured.

        <p>SDA-RS, SDI-RS, SDD-RS radiation-resistant pressure alarms are designed to achieve the specified value of the parameter being monitored.</p>
        <p>Pressure converters and alarms include a primary converter for the pressure measurement and a secondary converter.</p>
        <p>Field of application – systems for automated monitoring of parameters of nuclear power propulsion of surface ships and submarines.</p>

At present PDSK.406239.001TU radiation-resistant pressure converters and PDSK.406428.001TU radiation-resistant pressure alarms (for excessive, absolute and differential pressure) are under modernization to provide group installation of secondary converters at the operation site.

        <p><b>Product names:</b></p>
        <ul class="check">
            <li>PDA-RS-G (SDA-RS-G) – group absolute pressure converter (alarm);</li>
            <li>РDI-RS-G (SDI-RS-G) – group excessive pressure converter (alarm);</li>
            <li>PDD-RS-G (SDD-RS-G) – group differential pressure converter (alarm).</li>
            <p><b>Delivery package of a group pressure converter (alarm) includes:</b></p>
            <ul class="check">
            <li>primary converter for the pressure measurement;</li>
            <li>group secondary converter;</li>
            <li>read-only memory module.</li>
        <p>Pressure converters and alarms replace sensors and alarms of 44DI, DA, DD series.</p>
        <p>Certificate of confirmation of the measuring devices type RU.С.30.018.B № 54839 as of 18.04.2014.</p>
        <p>Period of validity – up to 16.04.2019.</p>
        <p>Registration number 57133-14.</p>
        <p>Form – C-series № 012868.</p>

Group secondary converters provide the following output signals:

        <ul class="check">
            <li>Direct current (4—20 mA);</li>
            <li>DC voltage (0—10 V);</li>
            <li>Digital signal interface RS-485;</li>
            <li>Relay output signal (for alarms).</li>
            <p>The body of group secondary converters can be delivered separately or with group secondary converters as per order.</p>
            <p><b>The body of group secondary converters is made in the form of a unit in two designs:</b></p>
            <ul class="check">
            <li>for the installation of 4 group secondary converters;</li>
            <li>for the installation of 8 group secondary converters.</li>
            <p><b>The body design of group secondary converters ensures the following connections to each group secondary converter separately:</b></p>
            <ul class="check">
            <li>power circuits;</li>
            <li>communication links;</li>
            <li>primary converter for the pressure measurement</li>
            <li>read-only memory module.</li>

Main specifications

Upper limits of the pressure measured:
absolute pressure 0.1; 1; 1.6; 2.5; 4; 6; 10; 16; 25; 40 MPa
excessive pressure 0.1; 1; 1.6; 2.5; 4; 6; 10; 16; 25; 40 MPa
differential pressure 6.3; 10; 16; 25; 40; 63 kPa 0.1; 0.16; 0.25; 0.4; 0.63; 1; 1.6; 2.5 MPa (under maximum permissible operating excessive pressure of up to 25 MPa)
Maximum permissible errors for converters ±0.75%
Monitored environments:
steam 0–350 °С
nitrogen 0–330 °С
воздух –40 ÷ +100 °С
condensate 0–100 °С
high purity water 0–350 °С
Air environment conditions:
temperature –2 ÷ +55 °С
relative humidity up to 100% (with the presence of sea water and oil vapour)
absolute pressure 0.08–0.4 MPa (with the presence of sea water and oil vapour)
Power supply conditions:
Direct current voltage 18–34 V
Alternating current voltage 154–264 V 50 or 400 Hz
Digital signal interface RS-485
Output signals of:
Direct current (load resistance not more than 500 Ohm) 4–20 mА
DC voltage (load resistance not more than 2—100 kOhm) 0–10 V
Digital signal interface RS-485
Relay output signal voltage free contact (for pressure alarms)