SETS-13 Three-Phase Electricity Meter

SETS-13 Static Direct Connected Three-Phase Electricity Meter is designed to measure active electric power consumption in three-phase four-wire mains (3×230/400 V, 50 (60) Hz) in the premises protected from corrosive gases and vapour. Readings of the meter conform to the power consumed by the monitored mains.

The counting device of the electricity meter has 6 digits and gives readings in kWh, at that, the rightmost (lesser) digit indicates deciles of kWh.

Main specifications

Meter accuracy class


Nominal voltage

3×230/400 V

Nominal voltage operation range


Nominal (maximum) current

10 (65) А

Nominal frequency

50 (60) Hz

Meter threshold

not more than 0.04 A

Meter constant

800 pulses per kWh

Active and total power consumed in each voltage circuit

not more than 2 V and 10 W

Mean time between failures

160 000 h

Fixation (using three mounting holes)


Indoor air temperature range

–40 ÷ +55 °С

Relative air humidity

up to 95%

Average service life

30 years


not more than 2 kg

Special features

  • Power consumption is indicated by a blinking LED light and presence of telemetry output signals which frequency is directly proportional to the consumed power.
  • Telemetry can be used to check electricity meter and for remote accounting.