ShchKN1 Wall-Mounted Distribution Board

ShchKN1 Wall-Mounted Distribution Board is designed to meter and distribute electric power, and also to protect group circuits against overload current and short circuits. The distribution board is installed in flats of apartment houses, cottages, private houses, trading stands, garages, etc. Power for ShchKN1 board installed in a flat is supplied from a floor distribution board.

ShchKN1 board includes:

  • rotary switch – embedded unit (VP 2-40);
  • „residual-current device (UZO-01-2-63-/30);
  • „automatic circuit breaker (VA-101-1/25);
  • „electric power meter (upon customers request).

Main specifications

Supply mains voltage

220 V 50 Hz

Protection level

IP 31

Electric shock protection


Grounding system


Climatic design


Electric power meter

10–60 А

Mounting dimensions (spacing between mounting holes)

400 mm


9.5 kg


330×540×165 mm

Special features

  • Full configuration with protection, meter and distribution devices.
  • High mechanical performance and fire resistance is achieved due to metal housing.
  • Devices of the distribution board are mounted on mounting rail.
  • High mounting readiness.