Marine electric griddle SES-0,25

SES-0,25 is used for thermal food processing (frying, stewing, sautéing).

The article can work on its own or be integrated with unified set of galley equipment UKKO‑1 in various types of fishing vessels.

The article to be used in ambient temperature within 0 - 45 °С and relative humidity up to 80±3 % at temperature of 40±2 °С.


SES-0,25 stays functional under maximum continued ship heeling of 15°, maximum trim equals to 5° and maximum rolling motions of 22,5° with intervals of 7-9 sec and maximum pitching motions of 10° from the vertical axis.

SES-0,25 withstands impact load in form of three impacts with impulse amplitude of 5g, frequency of 40-80 strokes per minute and vibration of 2 - 80 Hz frequency.

SES-0,25 meets the requirements of Russian Marine Register of Shipping, accepted by Research Institute of Navy shipbuilding and armament for the use in ships and vessels.

The equipment is included in federal product catalogue for government needs.


Parameters, dimensions


Pot’s nominal area, m2


Warming-up time to the temperature of 260°С, min, not more than


Nominal power consumption, kW, not more than


Dimensions (length × depth × height), mm, not more than:

 - griddle itself;

 - power board.

Depth with storm protection screen

Table surface height






Weight, kg, not more than


Pot's material

Grey cast-iron

Guarantee service life – 24 months

Guaranty storage life – 12 months as from the date of production

Baking pan average lifetime – more than 12 years

Made in Russia