Underwater Forces and Facilities Detection Sonar

Underwater Forces and Facilities Detection Sonar is designed for detection, positioning and motion parameter determination of underwater objects.

Main specifications

Operating frequency

of low frequency system

30 кHz

of high frequency system

125 кHz

Operating range of:

of low frequency system (Req. = 2 m)

1500 m

of high frequency system (Req. = 0.2 m)

400 m

Scan sector width


360 deg.

vertical, LF / HF

80/20 deg.

Beam width

horizontal, LF / HF

8/2 deg.

vertical, LF / HF

9/20 deg.

Antenna operating submersion depth

300 m




∅ 410×604 mm


35 kgf

Power consumption

not more than 100 W

Operating voltage

36–72 V

Special features

  • Optimal detection of small- and large-sized objects.
  • Data processing and graphical display procedures are performed on a protected portable computer.