Hydroacoustic Navigation System of Underwater Positioning

Navlya Hydroacoustic Navigation System of Underwater Positioning (HNSUP) is designed for coordinates setting of underwater objects (autonomous and towed submersible vehicles, various underwater research instruments and stations) relative to the base station (carrier) in the ultra-short baseline mode.

HNSUP composition:

  • shipborne hydroacoustic antenna (SHA) – 1;
  • hydroacoustic transponder beacons (HTB) – up to 10;
  • additional equipment providing given technical characteristics (GLONASS/GPS-receiver, roll/pitch/heading sensors, depth sensors).

Main specifications

Maximum slant range of object location relative to the HNSUP antennas 1500 m
Maximum depth of transponder beacons 700 m
Maximum number of surveillants 10
Range positioning accuracy 1.5%
Bearing positioning accuracy 0.8 deg.
Transponder beacon operation frequency 30—40 kHz
Operating temperature –2 ÷ +50 °С
System setting-up time 2 min
Operating personnel 1 person
Transmission of location depth values on special request from the transponder beacon 0—700 m