OBZOR-P Stationary Seismo-Acoustic Perimeter Security System

Obzor-P Stationary Seismo-Acoustic Perimeter Security System is designed for land surveillance and early detection of trespassers on their way to physical protection barrier.

The system can be used as a self-contained object security system, as well as an additional system operating along with other integrated systems.

Main specifications

Obzor-P system configuration:

line module (96 channels, 500 m)


data processing module (96 channels)


Main communication and power supply line

up to 10 km

computing system

power supply subsystem


Maximum protection zone length

up to 10 km

Detection area width on site:

for a person

from 40 m

for a vehicle

up to 200 m

Threat positioning accuracy by borderline length

10 m

Service life

10 years

Special features

  • Possibility to determine threat models and form individual parameter-based classification.
  • Covertly installed with no detectable signatures.
  • Installed regardless of both lay of land and perimeter configuration.
  • Ensures detection of all types of movement and soil impact in the controlled area: movement of objects, groups of people, animals, vehicles; earth-work operations (undermining and drilling) and any other kinds of production activities.