Side Scan Sonar

Side Scan Sonar is designed for underwater surveillance with various resolution and topographic visualization of the sea floor in 3D mode.

Main specifications

Operating frequency

of side scan sonar

450 kHz

of multibeam echo sounder

1000 kHz

Swath width

300 m

Alongside-movement resolution:


up to the range of 100 m

0.2 m

up to the range of 150 m

0.3 m

Cross-movement resolution

3 cm

Towing speed

2–8 knots



Maximum length of optical electrical cable

1000 m

Maximum submersion depth

300 m


∅ 218×2195 mm


40 kgf

Power consumption

100 W

Rated voltage

36–72 V

Special features

  • Swath scanning and topographic visualization of the sea floor.
  • Data processing and graphical display procedures are performed on the protected portable computer.