Towed Hydroacoustic Fish Concentrator

Towed Hydroacoustic Fish Concentrator is designed for generation of a cone-shaped acoustic zone in front of the trawl that prevents the fish from swimming out of the generated zone.

Main specifications

Operating frequency

30 kHz

Maximum modified radiation level at ХН axis

50 kPa

Deviation angle of ХН axis from trawl longitudinal axis (programmable)

15–30 deg.

Radiation duration (programmable)

1–100 ms

Radiation period (programmable)

0.1–1 s

Average power consumption (depends on radiation mode)

50–250 W

Battery capacity

40 Аh

Body diameter

214 mm

Body length

955 mm

Antenna length

1000 mm

Stabilizer length

400 mm

Towing speed

1.5–5 knots

Maximum operating depth

1000 m


in air

in water

35 kgf

–0.5 kgf

Special feature

  • Alternative optimal solution for enhancement of fishing trawl performance characteristics.