Trawler Parameter Monitoring System

Trawl Parameters Monitoring System is designed for detection and evaluation of fish shoal volumes around the trawl, monitoring of trawl opening, position of trawl groundline relative to the sea floor, fish moving into the trawl mouth and estimation of trawl net catch.

The system includes:

  • „vertical scanning sonar (VSS);
  • „horizontal scanning sonar (HSS).

Main specifications


Operating frequency

300 kHz

Detection range (Req. = 0.1 m)

100 m

Vertical scan sector width

180 deg.

Beam width

2 deg.

Range resolution

15 cm


Operating frequency

100 kHz

Detection range (Req. = 2 m)

500 m

Horizontal scan sector width

360 deg.

Beam width (features programmable change of beam tilt
within the range ±7 deg.)

5 deg.

Maximum submersion depth

300 m

Communication optoelectronic cable length

1000 m

Data exchange interface


Overall dimensions

250×350 mm


in air

in water

20 kgf

5 kgf

Power consumption

50 W

Rated voltage

36–72 V

Special feature

  • Data processing and graphical display procedures are performed on the protected portable computer.