83T170-E Shore-Based Modular C2 Centre

83t170-E Shore-Based Modular C2 Centre is designated for automation of functions and activities of operational personnel, officials of Navy headquarters and control posts, regional command personnel of Navy (fleet), Navy forces and formations providing for automation of Navy forces (armies) control as well as measures ensuring their actions.

    Basic automated processes:

    • Real-time recording and monitoring of situation concerning own forces, adversary forces and environmental conditions in territorial sea, exclusive economic zone and continental shelf.
    • Situation assessment along with hazard identification of its elements and warning signals generation alerting to surprise attack, critical and conflict situations arising.
    • Planning and support of active service, combat duty, operational preparation of controls, combat training of subordinate forces, on-line operation and progress monitoring.
    • Preliminary and on-line planning of combat employment of forces and means.
    • Combat management of subordinate and attached forces:
      • preparation and decision making by commanding officer concerning application of naval forces and means, task assignment for subordinate forces, planning of combat operation;
      • generation and transmission of commands, combat management signals, announcements to subordinate forces;
      • reception of commands, combat management signals, announcements from superior authorities and generation of confirmations;
      • operational readiness check of forces and means;
      • forces coordination for accomplishment of combat tasks.
    • Information support of the officials’ functional activity.
    • Control, operation management and support of hardware and software components functionality for all automatization means of the naval forces.
    • Training of operational and technical personnel so that they are capable of operation, maintenance, repairs and recovery of software and hardware means.
    • Preparation and conduction of command post exercises.