83T611-E Shore-Based Modular Operations Post

83t611-E Shore-Based Modular Operations Post ensures automation of combat management of forces (armies) and means, as well as information exchange and communication provided from ground-based stationary, mobile (mobile field) control posts of formations, units and divisions (equivalent control means and facilities) and from shipborne control posts of tactical formations and individual ships (motor boats).

Modular Operations Post (MOP) ensures automation of the following basic functional processes:

  • reception of commands (signals), orders, combat instructions and warning information from superior authorities and generation of confirmations;
  • support of database with formalized messages;
  • aquisition, processing, accumulation and evaluation of situational information about the area of responsibility provided in the reports made by subordinate and coordinate forces, as well as solution of computational tasks and forces management;
  • forced and on-demand data display on the automated workplaces of the officials;
  • preparation and transmission of information reports to the superior authorities;
  • protection of information from unauthorized operations;
  • maintenance of operations post means functionality;
  • organization of personnel management;
  • automated management of force formations and their weapons;
  • data exchange via wire telecommunication networks;
  • data exchange via radio networks.

General-system software:

  • electronic document flow;
  • electronic archive;
  • preparation of electronic documents;
  • databases control systems;
  • web-server client for hypertextual data processing;
  • systems for recording of address formalized messages (commands);
  • systems for recording of formalized commands (dispatches);
  • systems for recording and updating of databases of forces according to formalized and address commands and dispatches;
  • system for status monitoring of the automation means complex (AMC) of the naval forces control system;
  • system for monitoring and recovery of AMC information correspondence with the naval forces control system.

Operating systems used:

  • general-purpose industrial grade, produced by Russian and international manufacturers;
  • developed by Russian companies for the Russian Ministry of Defence.