AZOV-E Combat Missions and Operations Simulation System for Command Control Post Combat Data Processing

AZOV-E Combat Missions and Operations Simulation System for Command Control Post Combat Data Processing (AZOV-E system) is designed for training of command officers, operations personnel of command posts and command staffs of formations, Naval formations and units to ensure maximization and automation of theoretical, practical and mission-oriented simulation training of the specialists.

AZOV-E system includes:

    <p><b>1. Theoretical course on the following disciplines:</b></p>
        <ul class="check">
            <li>Modern Information Technologies Applied by the Navy;</li>
            <li>Campaign Tactics of Naval Forces;</li>
            <li>Submarine, Surface Ship, Maritime Aviation and Coastal Defence Infantry Tactics;</li>
            <li>Combat and Operational Training of Naval Forces;</li>
            <li>Modern Armament, Naval Systems and Facilities;</li>
            <li>Computer Science;</li>
            <li>Basics of Control Theory;</li>
            <li>Computer Circuit Engineering;</li>
            <li>Human-Machine Interface;</li>
            <li>Computer Architecture;</li>
            <li>Computer Data Security Methods and Means;</li>
            <li>ACS Information Security Methods and Means;</li>
            <li>Naval Force Control Automation;</li>
            <li>Basic Theory of Communication Systems;</li>
            <li>Basic Theory of Computer-Aided Control Systems;</li>
            <li>Decision-Making Theory;</li>
            <li>Operation Research;</li>
            <li>AI systems.</li>
            <p><b>2.  Practical course on the following disciplines:</b></p>
            <ul class="check">
            <li>Geographic and Military Information on Area of Responsibility;</li>
            <li>Tactical Employment of Available Forces and Means;</li>
            <li>Operating Control System;</li>
            <li>Techniques for Estimation of Enemy Forces;</li>
            <li>Basics of Modern All-Arms Naval Formations Combat Employment.</li>
        <p><b>3. Mission-oriented simulation course which includes the following disciplines:</b></p>
        <ul class="check">
            <li>Sea Search and Rescue Operations;</li>
            <li>Naval Communication Defence;</li>
            <li>Protection of Economic and Fishing Areas against Unauthorized Actions;</li>
            <li>Prevention of Illegal Sea Transportation;</li>
            <li>Protection of Merchant Shipping against Terrorism and Armed Attacks;</li>
            <li>Supervision and Monitoring of Implementation of International Agreements Based on Maritime Law;</li>
            <li>Suppression of Illegal Immigration;</li>
            <li>Prevention of Environment Pollution and Ecological Situation Monitoring;</li>
            <li>Monitoring of Meteorological Conditions;</li>
            <li>Protection of Hydraulic Facilities;</li>
            <li>Detention of Frontier Intruders and Shipping Regulation Infringers;</li>
            <li>Assistance to Distressed Vessels;</li>
            <li>Maritime Reconnaissance;</li>
            <li>Monitoring of Foreign Vessel Movement within Territorial Waters;</li>
            <li>Monitoring of Foreign Fishing Vessels within Fishing Zone;</li>
            <li>Port and Vessel Security;</li>
            <li>Mine Countermeasures Operations;</li>
            <li>Sea and Air Surveillance in the Area of Responsibility;</li>
            <li>Naval Patrol Service;</li>
            <li>Coastal Anti-Landing Defence;</li>
            <li>Operational Deployment of Forces in the Area of Responsibility;</li>
            <li>Submarine Search, Tracking and Engagement;</li>
            <li>Engagement of Adversary Surface Forces;</li>
            <li>Engagement of Adversary Anti-Submarine Warfare Forces;</li>
            <li>Monitoring of Violations Concerning Sea Transportation Regulations;</li>
            <li>Air Defence Measures Designed to Protect Own Forces at Sea and Land Bases against Air Attacks;</li>
            <li>Engagement of Adversary Ground-Based Facilities;</li>
            <li>Landing Operations of Own Forces;</li>
            <li>Assistance to Land Forces in Coastal  Areas;</li>
            <li>Training on Combat Readiness and High-Level Alert of Forces;</li>
            <li>Personnel Record Keeping;</li>
            <li>Preparation and Submission of Combat Documents to Officials of a Formation Command Post and Subordinate Force Command Posts;</li>
          <li>Training on Information Exchange Activities between Command Post Operational Personnel and Command Staff in the Course of Performing of the Main Planned and Control Tasks.</li></ul>

Special feature:

Ability to configure the system to meet specific consumer’s requirements.