BLOKIROVKA Joint Safe Weapon Employment System

BLOKIROVKA Joint Safe Weapon Employment System is designated for generation of control signals that actuate circuits of weapon systems so that joint employment of these systems can guarantee ship safety.

BLOKIROVKA system generates and initializes signals to the respective system units in order to avert:

  • „damage of artillery systems;
  • „damage of missiles on launchers;
  • „damage of launched missiles and shells;
  • „damage of a helicopter in the air near a ship or helipad as well as damage of a crew on the helipad.

Basic configuration of BLOKIROVKA system includes:

  • „1Bl unit (decision-making unit) – is designed to generate control signals that actuate circuits of weapon systems, as well as to analyze, display, document and record on USB-flash drive data on unit performance and status of actuation circuits of systems to be interfaced.
  • 6Bl unit (interface unit) – is designed to exchange data and control signals between 1Bl unit, rotary encoders and systems to be interfaced, via digital channels of RS-422/RS-485 interfaces.
  • 7Bl unit (power supply unit) – is designed to supply DC voltage of system units (24 ± 3) V and prevent them from overpower and short circuit.
  • „Data control units – are designed to display data on status of actuation circuits of systems to be interfaced, as well as generate signals on priority utilization of means (guided missile weapon, AAW, ASW)*.
  • „Rotary encoders – are designed to provide data on angular (rotational) position of launching systems in case of horizontal and vertical guidance.

* Configuration of data control devices is determined by a ship designer on the basis of a ship project and weaponry.

Main specifications

Maximum error regarding delimination of dangerous area borderlines


Operation time (time allocated to the process of task solution)

not more than 50 ms

Mean time between failure in case of system proper operation within 24 hours with an hour interval

not less than 10 000 h

System design concept


Data exchange method


Special features

  • Safety task solution in case of vertical and horizontal guidance on the basis of the stipulated distance from a ship.
  • Common configuration of the system.
  • It’s possible to interface the system with any Russian and foreign weapon systems via any digital channels.
  • Continuos operational control of modules, rotary encorders and auxilliary power supply units.
  • Creation and management of the special-purpose archive in order to ensure sensitive data storage with provision for protection from unauthorized access.
  • Recording of data on USB flash drive.