DIEZ-E Computer-Aided Anti-Mine Action Control System

Diez-E Computer-Aided Anti-Mine Action Control System (CAAMACS) is designed to ensure automation of minesweeper operation and increase of ship and minesweeping group combat effectiveness when:

  • planning mine countermeasures;
  • deploying ships in combat area;
  • searching for mines and minefield obstacles;
  • destroying mines and minefield obstacles;
  • performing anti-mine defence of ships, vessels and submarines when crossing the sea;
  • performing anti-mine defence of ships and submarines in combat areas.


DIEZ-E CAAMACS is designated for task automation of:

        <ul class="check">
            <li>collection, processing and analysis of data on air, surface and underwater tactical situation during preparation for and conducting of ship and minesweeping group combat operations;</li>
            <li>planning of mine countermeasures for a minesweeper and a minesweeping group, as well as effectiveness analysis of their variants;</li>
            <li>combat and tactical manoeuvring of a ship during mine countermeasures, avoidance of ship collision with surface targets and avoidance of unexpectedly detected mines;</li>
            <li>ship movement, manoeuvring and dynamic positioning;</li>
            <li>control of ship and minesweeping group combat means and equipment in the course of mine countermeasure actions;</li>
            <li>control of a minesweeping group;</li>
            <li>documentation of data on tactical situation, navigation conditions, weaponry state, as well as on results of information and calculation task solutions;</li>
            <li>education and training of system operators;</li>
            <li>planning and control of ship and minesweeping group air defence system operation;</li>
            <li>information support of a ship’s crew ensuring ship damage control;</li>
            <li>data exchange via radio communication equipment;</li>
            <li>control of minesweeping helicopters during joint mine countermeasure operations;</li>
            <li>receiving, processing and display of real-time navigation data from navigation systems;</li>
            <li>navigation safety, special and service steersman tasks, display of data on navigation conditions on the electronic navigational chart;</li>
            <li>correction of electronic navigational charts.</li>


Technical solutions and technologies used:

        <ul class="check">
            <li>Intel- and SРАRС-compatible computing means;</li>
            <li>distribution computing system;</li>
            <li>LANs with Ethernet 10/100/1000, RS-485 international interfaces;</li>
            <li>interchangeable stationary and portable control consoles;</li>
            <li>integration with shipborne radio-electronic equipment viainternational (Ethernet, MIL STD-1553B, RS-232, RS-422,RS-485) and ad hoc interfaces;</li>
            <li>display of tactical situation data of four types in differentcombinations: radar, video, cartographic and track data ontargets;</li>
            <li>data imaging on the collaborative display wall via any AWS;</li>
            <li>security system against unauthorized and incorrect user’sactions;</li>
            <li>software development in compliance with international standard requirements;</li>
            <li>diagnostic system and system status control console;</li>
            <li>documentation means ensuring record of each I/O signal/package/track file onto HDDs including time registration with an accuracy of 1 ms;</li>
            <li>transfer of registered data to an external medium, as well as their real-time, fast-time and slow-motion playback.</li>

Special features

  • Installation: sea, base, inshore and river minesweepers.
  • Delivery period: min. 18 months.
  • Training system can be delivered in advance.
  • Delivery configuration are determined according to the contract specification.
  • Reliability and survivability characteristics comply with the Russian Navy requirements.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.