Integrated Bridge System for Any Projects of Surface Ships

Integrated Bridge System is designed to control a ship and its equipment on a daily basis, as well as to provide solutions of designated ACS tasks when performing combat operations.

Automation tasks to be solved during of the inteface with ship's ACS:

  • acquisition, processing and evaluation of data on air, surface and underwater situation when preparing for and conducting combat operations;
  • real-time reception, processing, display of data delivered from navigation, radio electronic and surveillance systems, technical facilities and weapons in various combinations;
  • provision of navigation safety, solution of special-purpose and navigation service tasks, display of data related to navigation conditions on the electronic navigational chart;
  • control of combat and tactical ship maneuvering and control of ships to pass clear of surface targets;
  • control of ship movement, maneuvering and dynamic positioning in automated, computer-aided and remote operation modes;
  • automated and remote control of ship’s technical facilities;
  • information support of ship damage control;
  • recording of data on situation, navigation conditions, weapon status and results of information and calculation tasks;
  • training of system operators.

Technical solutions and technologies

  • Intel-compatible computing facilities;
  • distributed computing system;
  • LAN based on Ethernet 10/100/1000, RS-485 international interfaces;
  • interface with shipborne radio electronic weaponry via Ethernet, MIL STD-1553B,RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 international and special-purpose interfaces;
  • display of the four types of data on tactical situation in different combinations (radar, television, navigation chart and track data on targets);
  • system of protection against unauthorised access and incorrect actions of a user;
  • output of data onto the collaborative display wall from any AWS;
  • software development in compliance with the international standard requirements;
  • diagnostic network and control console to monitor system performance;
  • means of recording that ensure the registration of each I/O signal/packet/track file onto HDDs including time registration with up to 1 ms accuracy;
  • transfer of the recorded data onto an external medium, as well as real-time, fast-time and slow-motion data playback.