LESORUB-E Automated Combat Management System

LESORUB-E Automated Combat Management System (LESORUB-E ACMS) is designated for ship, tactical formation and aircraft combat management as well as computer-aided processes of decision-making on combat employment of shipborne and tactical formation weapons.

LESORUB-E ACMS provides computer-aided solutions of the following tasks:

  • processing and generation of tactical situation data;
  • control of ships and tactical formations, fighter and assault aircraft, anti-submarine helicopters (Ka-28 type) and radar surveillance helicopters (Ka-31 type), ship and tactical formation air defence means, as well as anti-surface warfare conducted by ships and tactical formations, underwater warfare conducted by ships, and anti-submarine warfare conducted by tactical formations;
  • data exchange with shipborne weaponry via a data exchange system;
  • data generation for data exchange between tactical formation forces via radio communication channels;
  • training and instruction, daily routine and administrative activities of command personnel, ship command personnel activities at bases (deployment sites), protection against unauthorized access.

LESORUB-E ensures the fulfillment of aviation tasks due to:

  • computer-aided generation of flight tasks for each aircraft taking into account fuel consumption, evasion of dangerous and prohibited flight areas, near collision control, flight path and parameter computation;
  • computer-aided air target designation of fighters;
  • choosing the variant of assault aircraft weapon load providing for enemy target engagement with specified probability;
  • analysis of potential aircraft loss as a result of enemy counteractions;
  • planning of continuous defence in dangerous areas by means of radio surveillance aircraft providing for duty roster;
  • drawing up recommendations on ASW helicopter employment for search, tracking and engagement operations;
  • monitoring of aircraft task solution including computer-aided generation and transfer of corrective data aboard as well as with simultaneous permanent control of remaining fuel;
  • direction of an aircraft to the landing area.