SIGMA-E Combat Management System

SIGMA-E Combat Management System (SIGMA-E system) is designated for ship and tactical formation combat management based on the integration of radio-electronic systems into a solid system and automation of decision-making on combat employment of forces and weaponry.

Ship combat management subsystem provides automation of the following processes:

        <ul class="check">
            <li>tactical situation data processing and generation for ships;</li>
            <li>ship control;</li>
            <li>ship air defence control;</li>
            <li>ship underwater warfare control;</li>
            <li>ship anti-surface warfare control;</li>
            <li>anti-submarine helicopters (Ka-28 type) control;</li>
            <li>radar surveillance helicopters (Ka-31 type) control;</li>
            <li>training and instruction;</li>
            <li>ship mine countermeasure weaponry control;</li>
            <li>data exchange via radio communication equipment.</li>

Ship tactical formation combat management subsystem provides automation of the following processes:

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            <li>data collection and processing for the purpose of common information space and database generation, as well as provision of information and telecommunication services within a tactical formation;</li>
            <li>tactical formation control;</li>
            <li>tactical formation anti-aircraft warfare control;</li>
            <li>anti-submarine warfare control by means of a tactical formation;</li>
            <li>anti-surface warfare control by means of a tactical formation;</li>
            <li>attached fighter aircraft control;</li>
            <li>attached assault aircraft control;</li>
            <li>training and instruction;</li>
            <li>mine countermeasure control of a minesweeper group.</li>
            <p><b>Mutual data exchange and orientation subsystem ensures:</b></p>
            <ul class="check">
            <li>data exchange via a jam-resistant, covert Х-band radio channel at a speed of 0.95 Mbit/s;</li>
            <li>mutual orientation via an X-band radio channel between tactical formation ships;</li>
            <li>provision of protected telephone network of a tactical formation.</li>

Technical solutions and technologies used:

        <ul class="check">
            <li>Intel-compatible computing facilities;</li>
            <li>distributed computing system;</li>
            <li>LANs with Ethernet 10/100/1000, RS-485 international interfaces;</li>
            <li>interchangeable stationary and portable control consoles;</li>
            <li>integration with shipborne radio-electronic equipment via international (Ethernet, MILSTD-1553B, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485) and ad hoc interfaces;</li>
            <li>data imaging on the group display board via any AWS;</li>
            <li>display of tactical situation data in different combinations of four data types (radar, video, cartographic and database data on targets);</li>
            <li>security system against unauthorized and incorrect user’s actions;</li>
            <li>software development in compliance with international standard requirements;</li>
            <li>diagnostic system and system state control console;</li>
            <li>documentation means ensuring record of each I/O signal/package/ database form onto HDD’s featuring time registration with accuracy of up to 1 ms;</li>
            <li>transfer of registered data to an external medium, as well as their real-time, fast-time and slow-motion playback.</li>