TREBOVANIE-M Combat Management System

TREBOVANIE-M Combat Information and Control System (TREBOVANIE-M CICS) is designated for automation of combat control of fire and radio electronic weaponry for different classes of ships participating in warfare independently or as part of ship formations from all-type fleet operational formations.

The system ensures automation of the following processes:

  • „collection, processing and display of data on tactical situation and status of ship combat means received from different data sources;
  • AAW of a ship and a ship formation according to the danger (threat) level coming from the attacking targets;
  • control:
    • „missile (guided missile weapon), naval artillery and torpedo weapon systems of a ship designed to engage surface targets;
    • anti-submarine weapon (ASW);
    • „shipborne helicopter;
  • „tracking of surface targets using data received from shipborne radar systems;
  • navigation, ship navigation control, tactical manoeuvring and safe ship movement;
  • „documenting;
  • „crew training.

Main specifications

Modular design of a display unit

Flat-panel liquid-crystal displays:


19 inches



Coloured electroluminescent displays:


13 inches



Inter-device data exhange channel

Ethernet local area network with channel reservation

Devices exchanging data with external systems based on CPC 150 500 MHz processor modules and interface modules


not more than 1600 kg

Power consumption

not more than 3.5 kW

Power supply from the ship system

380 V 50 Hz