BAL-E Coastal Missile System

BAL-E Coastal Missile System (BAL-E CMS) enables to deploy Kh-35E anti-ship cruise missiles and is intended for:

        <ul class="check">
            <li>control of strait zones and territorial waters;</li>
            <li>protection of naval stations, coastal strategic facilities and provision of coastal zones with combat sustainability;</li>
            <li>protection of dangerous areas subject to attacks of landing forces;</li>
            <li>protection of maritime communication lines;</li>
          <li>supremacy at sea within the missile engagement zone.</li>

Bal-E CMS includes:

            <li>self-propelled command control and communication post (up to two units) that ensures target designation and optimal target assignment between missile launchers depending on their combat readiness and combat position. High-precision active and passive radar detection channels allow pursuing flexible and covert detection strategy;</li>
            <li>self-propelled missile launcher that ensures safe storage of 8 anti-ship cruise missiles in a mobile launching containers (up to 4 containers);</li>
          <li>mobile missile loader-transporters (their number depends on the number of self-propelled missile launchers) that are intended for loading missiles in self-propelled launcher and preparation of subsequent salvo.</li></ul>

Special features

  • Possibility of target designation data output from the system sources, as well as from superior command posts and external surveillance systems.
  • High efficiency of naval group and individual ship engagement by launching salvo and single missile from any launcher.
  • Additional ammunition stored on the loader-transporters ensures a subsequent salvo launch that increases system firing and combat capabilities.
  • High mobility and ability to use in NBC-contaminated combat areas.