Club-M Coastal Missile System

CLUB-M Multi-Purpose Mobile Coastal Missile System is intended for engaging the following types of targets from the coast (up to 100 km from the coastline) under deliberate adversary countermeasures:

  • „surface ships of various types and classes (both single and in groups) - by anti-ship missiles (3М-54KE, 3М-54KE1);
  • stationary objects on the enemy territory (administrative centers, weapon and fuel depots, force control centers, sea terminals, air-fields etc.) – by land-attack missiles (3М-14KE).

Effectiveness of target engagement is ensured by single firing from any launcher as well as salvo firing from several launchers.

Mobile active and passive radar means of target acquisition and designation enable to implement flexible detection strategy, specifically covert detection.

It is possible to obtain online data from external sources of reconnaissance and target designation.

Main specifications

Number of missiles on a self-propelled launcher 6
Target detection range:
in active mode up to 250 km
in passive mode up to 450 km

Special features

  • Surface and land-based target engagement.
  • Covertness and mobility.
  • Good cross-country ability.
  • Wide range of delivered configurations.