AKVANAVT-SU Communication Control System

Akvanavt-SU Communication Control System is designed for control of shipborne communication means on the navigation bridge. The system performs the following tasks:

  • display of main operation modes, as well as communication and navigation equipment status;
  • automatic warning signal generation in case of distress using DSC within distress frequency ranges – teraherz-VHF and MF/HF bands;
  • DSC message generation and transmission according to distress, urgency and safety priority;
  • possibility to confirm and retransmit received DSC distress signals;
  • communication via the radio phone teraherz-VHF and MF/HF communication channels.

Main specifications

Typing and exchange of messages in narrowband direct typing mode.

NAVTEX Service messages browsing.

Possibility to interface communication and navigation equipment via Ethernet and NMEA.