Emergency Radio Buoy

Emergency Radio Buoy is designed for the transmission of emergency radio signal and location data. It operates simultaneously with a homing beacon.


        <ul class="check">
            <li>reception of signals from space navigation systems (GLONASS/GPS/ GALILEO);</li>
            <li>determination of geographical coordinates based on the signals from space navigation systems (GLONASS/GPS/ GALILEO);</li>
            <li>time registration along with location data;</li>
            <li>automatic update (in case of changes) and storage of location data;</li>
            <li>transmission of geographical coordinates to Cospas-Sarsat satellite system on frequency 406.037 MHz, as well as transmission of other information messages in accordance with the requirements of Cospas-Sarsat C/S T.001 documentation.</li>
            <li>rescue services guidance to the disaster area determined by the built-in homing beacon operating on 121.5 MHz.</li>
            <p><b>Operating modes:</b></p>
            <ul class="check">
            <li>built-in testing mode;</li>
            <li>standby mode;</li>
            <li>transmission of emergency signal and location data to Cospas-Sarsat satellite system on 406.037 MHz simultaneously with homing beacon operation on 121.5 MHz (with entering 2 sleep modes during signal transmission on 406 MHz).</li>
            <p><b>Operability is checked in the built-in testing mode:</b></p>
            <ul class="check">
            <li>Independent power supply;</li>
            <li>Frequency transmitter 406 MHz;</li>
            <li>Frequency transmitter 121.5 MHz;</li>
            <li>Microcontroller (to maintain beacon operation software)</li>
            <li>GLONASS/GPS navigation receiver (including antenna assembly).</li>

Main specifications

Emission class 406 MHz – G1B
Navigation receiver positioning accuracy of GLONASS/GPS space navigation systems not more than 20 m
Number of signal receiving channels of GLONASS/GPS space navigation systems not less than 12
Continuous operation time under low temperature –40 °C not less than 48 h
Service life of power supply unit up to 5 years

Special features

  • Radio buoy enables to perform software-based change of the channel frequency (406 MHz) in accordance with the change to new frequencies planned by Cospas-Sarsat committee.