Fregat-MAE-4K 3D Shipborne One-Channel Radar is designed for detection of air (including small-sized and flying at low altitude) and surface targets and output of target designation data to firing units. The radar performs the following tasks:

  • „friend-or-foe identification of targets;
  • output of primary radar data to firing units, EW means and data processing system.

Fregat-MAE-4K Radar high performance and jam-resistance are ensured by:

  • adaptive energy distribution in space;
  • „broadband electronic frequency tuning;
  • „high spatial resolution and low level of antenna radiation pattern side lobes;
  • complex signals with high level of resolution;
  • „non-linear methods of signal processing;
  • „blanking of echo signals reflected from objects with large reflecting surface that were detected by side lobes;
  • logical post-detection signal processing;
  • „two-phase adaptive moving target indication with variation of signal repetition frequency.

The radar has built-in test equipment for automatic performance monitoring and diagnostics that helps to detect failures and malfunctions with detection accuracy up to a line-replaceable component.

Main specifications*

Frequency band


Number of coordinates measured


Coverage area:

by range

150 km

by azimuth


by height

20 km

by elevation


Detection range:


58 km


17 km


line-of-sight range

Minimum detection range

1.5 km

Maximum scanning time

2 s

Positioning accuracy:

by range

60 m

by azimuth

14 min

by elevation

18 min

Power consumption

30 kW

Number of devices



antenna post

0.39 t


2.6 t

* Under maximum allowable ship heel conditions.


Special features

Fregat-MAE-4K Radar includes data processing devices that ensure:

  • tracking of detected targets and output of secondary radar data to fire control systems;
  • target assignment and output of target designation data to shipborne air defence systems;
  • archiving of tracked target parameters;
  • operator training.