Mobile Radar Signal Simulator

Mobile Radar Signal Simulator is designed for preventive and diagnostic inspection of shipborne radars on functional stability under simulated unintended electro-magnetic interference in the area of high-intensity maritime activity. The interference is created by radio equipment either of the operating vessel or other ships and maritime engineering facilities of the area.

Radar Signal Simulator includes:

  • 1. Electromagnetic environment generation device.
  • External portable computer determines shipborne radar jamming environment. Interfering radars are spatially set and assigned to types and operation modes. The procedure can be performed both manually and automatically.

  • 2. Device for generation and performing changes of simulated radar probing signals.
  • The controlling sequence of the active radar simulated signals can be generated:

    • on the external computer and transmitted via various channels (Ethernet and USB) in any time mode;
    • on the external computer and saved to a portable media device;
    • in processor in the real-time mode (the primary task is initiated on the external computer).
  • 3. Receiving device.
  • It provides synchronization of the signal simulation process and rotation of the tested radar antenna when testing shipborne radar and its signal processing equipment.

Main specifications

Number of simulated radars up to 200
Signal synthesis frequency up to 400 MHz
Amplification module output frequency 10 GHz
Calculation rate of synthesized electromagnetic interference up to 2 ms
Sequence changing of simulated signal available
Record and storage of real jamming electromagnetic environment available
Playback of real environment variants available

Special features

The simulator provides reception, record and generation of real jamming environment database of the expected ship operating area, as well as ensures simulation and emission of electromagnetic interference signals in the direction of the tested radio electronics.