Mobile Radio Station of Teraherz-VHF Band With Digital Selective Call (Portable)

Olha Mobile Portable Radio Station of teraherz-VHF band with digital selective call feature is designed for two-way simplex radio communication at maritime mobile service frequencies of teraherz-VHF band between maritime vessels, ships and coastal objects; reception and transmission of distress signals, urgency and safety messages in GMDSS featuring Digital Selective Call (DSC); communication on ships of inland and complex navigation areas (river – sea) and aircraft communication.

The radio station provides radio communication in the following frequency ranges (nominal frequencies):

  • with maritime vessels and coastal objects of GMDSS within the frequency range from 156 to 158 MHz, emission type – F3E/ G3E;
  • with ships of inland and complex navigation areas (river – sea) within the frequency range from 300.025 to 300.225 MHz and from 336.025 to 336.225 Mhz, emission type – G3E;
  • with aircraft at frequencies 121.5 and 123.1 MHz, emission type – A3E.
  • The radio station also ensures:

  • reception and transmission of distress, urgency and safety messages using DSC in the 70th channel (156,525 MHz), emission type – G2B;
  • signal scanning at 156.525 MHz frequency in DSC mode, emission type – G2B, and in the 16th channel (156.8 MHz), emission type – G3E.

Special features

  • The radio station set includes a built-in GLONASS/GPS receiver and provides automatic transmission of coordinates in case of distress.
  • The radio station can be integrated in the shipborne information system using the serial I/O communication interface.