KRAB Navigation Radar

288-Channel Fixed Ring Active Phased Array is designed for navigation purposes and based on the unified group transmitter/receiver modules.

Each transmitter/receiver module is plane and provides 32 channels (16 transmit channels and 16 receive channels).

Navigation Radar simultaneously generates three beams in the horizontal plane. The distance between the beams is 120 deg. The scanned area of each beam is 360 deg. The azimuth resolution equals to 1 deg.

Special features of 16-channel trans-mitter/receiver module:

  • modularity and absence of cable, wire and solder connections inside the SHF-module provide a simple design and automated assembly;
  • easy access to all module com-ponents and the ease of assembly ensure high maintainability.

Main specifications

Dimensions 288х200х130 mm
Operation frequency 9.2–9.5 GHz
Transmit channles 16
Receive channels 16
Control of signal phase response in the receive and transmit modes:
phase control range 360 deg.