PAL-N1 Navigation Radar

PAL-N1 Shipborne Navigation Radar is designed for plan scanning, detection, identification and auto-tracking of the detected surface targets with recommendation generation for safe passing and tactical manoeuvring.

Main specifications

Range scale

0.5; 1; 2; 4; 8; 16; 2; 64 miles

Maximum target detection range

for large anti-submarine ship (σ = 5500 m2)

20 miles

for motor boat (σ = 300 m2)

10 miles

Simultaneous tracking

up to 50 targets

Radar resolution:

by distance

25 m

by azimuth

1 deg.

Antenna type


Anti-interference protection


Continuous operation time

24 h

Power consumption

1.5–3 kW

Special features

  • Combination of a IFF antenna system and a navigation radar antenna system.
  • Possibility of merging plan scanning data with a digital nautical chart of the given navigation area.
  • Enhanced self-emission security and accuracy of angular coordinates determination.