PPM Module for Rotating S-range Radar

PPM transceiver SHF-module is designed for application in unidirectional rotating active phased arrays (APA) of the shipborne S-range radars with phase scanning. The module operates in transmit/receive mode. Phase control and power amplification of the probing pulses are performed in transmit mode. Preliminary amplification of the received signals with adjustable gain factor and phase control are performed in receive mode.

The function of continuous hardware monitoring for operability is realized in the module. Hardware monitoring means provide detection of the following failures:

  • output signal exceeds power tolerance;
  • temperature exceeds tolerance;
  • VSWR-load exceeds tolerance;
  • pulse duration exceeds maximum value.

Output voltage of the module power supply to be enabled by +5 V voltage.

Main specifications

Frequency range S
Power consumption in circuit 220 V 50 Hz 700 W
Inrush current 20 А
VSWR of inputs 1.5
Transmission channel:
RF pulse duration 2–200 µs
Off-duty factor 6
Output pulse power 700–1000 W
Irregularity of output RF pulse envelope 12%
Minimum phase resolution of transmit channel 22.5 deg.
Power of output SHF-signal 3–5 W
Receive channel:
Transfer coefficient 20–24 dB
Minimum phase resolution 5.625 deg.
Minimum resolution of attenuator 1 dB