Radar with Rotating L-Band Active Phased Array

Multifunction L-Band Radar installed on ships of large displacement is designed for long-range detection and tracking of aerodynamic and ballistic targets, as well as for transmission of data to the combat management system for the purposes of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence (AAD and AMD).

The existing Russia-made ships are so far not equipped with radars operating as part of an AMD system.

The radar is equipped with an antenna in the form of a plane active phased array (APA) installed on a rotating platform for azimuthal antenna orientation.

Two-dimensional electronic scanning provides narrow-layer angular zone coverage (with the fixed antenna) of 900 sq. deg. by elevation (by a 10° "barrier") in the azimuth sector of 90°.

Depending on the class of ship and tasks performed, the radar is "scaled" by changing the APA dimensions.

Main specifications

APA dimensions 7.1х7.1 m
Number of radiating elements in APA 2956
Scanning time 4.3 s
Coverage area:
by range 1500 km
by azimuth 90 deg. (±45 deg. of the antenna normal)
by elevation 1–11 deg. (±5 deg. of the antenna normal)
by height 250 km (near space)
Detection range:
RCS = 0.1 m² 1300/800 km
RCS = 0.02 m2870/530 km
RCS = 0.005 m2 610/380 km
Power consumption 1330 kW
Antenna weight 24 t