Radio Signal and Electromagnetic Interference Simulation System

Radio Signal and Electromagnetic Interference Simulation System is designed for generation and transmission, conductively or on the air, of required simulated radio signals and interference, as well as specific combination thereof.

Types of generated signals:„

  • Oscillation (harmonic, amplitude-modulated, frequency-modulated, frequency-modulated with linear frequency sweep, phase-modulated, amplitude-manipulated, binary phase-manipulated, binary frequency-manipulated, frequency-manipulated with linear frequency sweep);
  • „Noise (white, pink, Brownian, blue, violet, band, deterministic).

The system includes:

  • test signal simulation control and monitoring computer;
  • „test signal generation unit;
  • „unit for transmitting test signals to a higher frequency band;
  • „test signal amplifier.

Main specifications

Frequency range

85 MHz – 6.6 GHz

Instantaneous band

up to 100 MHz

Noise level

–3 dB

To generate complex radio signals:

Frequency range


Instantaneous band next to primary carrier band

100 MHz

Quatinty of signals simultaneously generated for device output

not less than 10

Pulse repetition rate

100–3500 Hz

Frequency fluctuations

not worse than 0.001%

Pulse repetition rate

Multiple value

Pulse duration

0.05–1 µs


not worse than ±1%

Instantaneous power of integral (composite) test signal

not more than +10 dB/mW

Simulating generator noise excluding local oscillator frequency ranges

not more than –100 dB/Hz


Special features

The system provides the possibility to perform full-scale test and calibration of UHF, HF, and IF radar paths within manufacturer’s premises by means of modelling testing interference environment in the near-real time mode.