Assembly and Welding Services

Semi-automatic welder

Assembly and welding services include arc (argon), gas-flame, plasma, laser and other types of welding.

Main specifications

Thickness of welded parts

0.3–5 mm

Range of welding current control

5–350 А

Wire feed speed

0.5–24 m/min

Stationary electric resistance welder

It is designed for electric resistance welding of steel items (up to (4 + 4) mm) and aluminium alloys (up to (2.5 + 2.5) mm).

Main specifications


250–550 mm

Aperture between horns

150 mm

Maximum cylinder stroke

0.5–24 mm

Maximum thickness of welded sheets:


Electric resistance welding (stationary welder)

Electric resistance welding (clamp meter)

Semi-automatic welding (using wire and coated electrodes)

Condenser welding

carbon steel

(6 + 6) mm

(4 + 4) mm

6 mm

0.6 mm

stainless steel

(1.5 +1.5) mm

6 mm


(1.5 +1.5) mm

6 mm

0.6 mm

Special features

  • Wide range of weld materials due to unique equipment with capability to use any kinds of shielding gases.
  • High-qualified workers.
  • Low cost.