Laser Metal Cutting, Powder Coating

Metal cutting laser system

Laser cutting is designed for treatment of steel sheets, aluminum alloys as well as other non-ferrous metals and plastic materials.

Main specifications

Treatment of:


up to 10 mm

stainless steel

up to 6 mm

aluminum alloy

up to 3 mm


Special features

  • Treatment of brittle, deformable materials and those made from solid metal alloys is available.
  • Optimal solution for cost reduction in case of small quantity production.


Powder coating

Powder coating method is designed for polymeric coating of any fabricated metal products and their constituent parts ensuring high protection and decoration properties.

Special features

  • Powder coating is a relevant alternative to liquid paint coating.
  • Optimal solution for high-quality solid coating of product surfaces.
  • Resistance to high pressure, high temperature and corrosion.
  • Simplicity of the coating process.
  • Cost of works is calculated upon agreement with a customer.