REAKTOR Plasma Arc Pyrolysis Reactor

Reaktor Plasma Arc Pyrolysis Reactor (Reaktor PAPR) is designed for fragmentation of wastes to get the required fraction composition, automatic loading of wastes in the reactor, waste recycling and further unloading after vitrification.

Reaktor Plasma Arc Pyrolysis Reactor includes:

  • plasma-forming gas supply compressor;
  • plasma generator power supply units;
  • cooling system for a pyrolysis reactor and plasma generators;
  • water cooling units, bleed gas temperature reduction units;
  • vortex hydrofilter for gas purification;
  • waste unloader.

Disposable products:

  • organic wastes;
  • plastic wastes;
  • rubber;
  • textile;
  • paper;
  • cardboard;
  • heat insulation and polymeric materials;
  • wood.

Main specifications


300 kg/h

Quantity of plasma generators


Capacity of one plasma generator

up to 100 kW

Plasma torch temperature

4000–5000 °С

Overall capacity

up to 500 kW

Cooling system

water, recycling, dual-cycle

Air consumption

not more than 1500 Nm3/h

Permissible waste humidity level


Temperature within operating pyrolysis reactor

1700 °С

Special features

  • Availability of remote control using CCTV console.
  • Automatic mode of data acquisition from 45 check points and further processing of data on automatic waste recycling and disposal technological processes.